Monday, June 1, 2015

A Trip to Burzaco & The Capital

Monday, June 1, 2015

Sorry I'm emailing so late. It's been a kind of crazy day. So Friday, we went to Burzaco to do tramites for Elder Ventura's visa but then found out we`d have to go to the capital sometime to finish it. On Sunday we found out that today we`d be going to the capital. So in the morning we went to the offices and with two other Hermanas took a remis (a hired driver with his car) to the capital, which was like an hour. When we get to the Bolivian consulate, they tell us that they give out numbers from 8-8:30. So tomorrow we will have to leave from the mission offices at 5 in the morning to get to the consulate at like 6 to get a good ticket. So tonight we are staying with the Elders that are in charge of doing the visas, so that's why we are emailing so late. Today we didn't even have a p-day and actually missed our zone activity because of it. We were pretty bummed and a little annoyed because now we are going to miss the zone meeting tomorrow too... but it’s okay.

This week was pretty good. We got three new investigators and from those 3 we set two baptismal dates. But with all three we still aren't really sure how much they understood and how much they`ll progress. One is a woman that used and sold drugs and was in prison for a couple years and when we were talking with her she kept repeating herself like she has a really bad memory and she can’t sleep either. The other two are a middle aged man and his mom that live together and they are good people but not sure if they understood anything. So we`ll find out more this week.

Jesus and Maria told us that getting married is a goal but that they aren't prepared. When we asked why their main concerns were having a place to live, because right now they live separately, and also they feel young, which they are. So we talked with them about it for a while and it appears like their decision is to keep the law of chastity for now and get baptized June 20th, at least Jesus, Maria might be a little longer and when they are ready, get married.

We passed by Daisy's but she was ¨sleeping¨ so we haven't been able to talk with her. The ward council seems to meet irregularly here and they don't invite us anyways. Also right now we don't have a Ward Mission Leader because the last one left on his mission a few weeks ago.

Mom, yeah the ones (shoes) we bought are fine. They are size 10. Also, I was thinking if you guys could send me scripture cases but not like the one I have for my English scriptures with a handle to carry around. I want scripture cases that are for the triple combination and the Bible separately that I can then put in my bag. Not sure if that made sense. Also if you buy some make sure it's the size for Spanish because the Spanish scriptures are bigger. Also maybe if there's a mini Spanish Book of Mormon like the military size Book of Mormon in English. (We have a friend that is going to Argentina & have offered to take a package to Elder McFarland for us, so we asked what he wanted.)

That's cool you got a new job Mom. It sounds pretty good so you`ll have to update me on how you like it. Love you guys and talk to you next week.

Elder McFarland

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