Monday, June 8, 2015

The Familia Esquivel

Monday, June 8, 2015

Hola Hola!

This week was alright. So yeah we went back to the capital to the Bolivia consulate Tuesday morning and finished the paperwork (for his companion) there but I think we`ll have to go back to Burzaco one day this week to finish the tramites. Also apparently I haven't gotten my visa or I don't really know exactly but apparently if I don't get something by June 29th I'll have to go do my tramites again.

Jesus and Maria are doing well. They both came to church yesterday.  Jesus fasted and is paying tithing even though he isn't a member yet and yesterday he bore his testimony. Today we had a lesson with them so that we can finish teaching them before June 20th. I think he`ll be ready but Maria may take a little longer. She doesn't say much and she's not really one that is good at expressing her emotions or thoughts and so it's hard to tell if she's having a hard time understanding or if she just can't express it very well. So I'm a little worried about that. We had a couple other baptismal dates but we passed by like three times this week and their family says that they aren't there but we are pretty sure they`re lying.

Pretty cool, we had an intercambio this last week from the Elders from Banfield 4th ward and my companion and another Elder were here in Parque Baron.and they had a lesson with an inactive family.  The parents of a recent convert that just left on his mission before I arrived in the area and was actually the Ward Mission Leader before he left - the familia Esquivel. So my companion and the other Elder went and had a really good lesson with Hermano and Hermana Esquivel and they said they`d come to church and they did! So that was super awesome. Hopefully they can keep coming. Other than that, we have quite a few investigators but none that are progressing. I think we need to work hard on finding new people.

This Friday we have our Zone Conference so I'm pretty stoked for that. Also that's kind of funny that you`re teaching priesthood next week Dad on flooding the earth with the Book of Mormon because this week in the district reunion I'm going to teach about chapter 5 from PMG (Preach My Gospel) that's about the Book of Mormon. A few months ago President gave us 15 minutes extra in personal and companionship study to study a chapter from PMG every month so this month it's chapter 5. So I gave out some assignments to all the Elders to teach parts of the chapter. I'm still not exactly sure what I'm going to do.  I want to do an activity or practice but I'm not sure what yet.

And Mom, the mission used to sell scripture cases but they stopped and apparently there's a hermana that makes them but I haven't been able to get a hold of her and I heard she's really slow. So before I leave my mission I still want to  buy the scripture covers like the photo you sent but I was looking for something I could just use now, but if you can't find any that's okay. Also I was thinking of a couple other things you guys could send if you want :) I lost my tie clip that Scott gave me as a gift so I don't have a tie clip so if you could send me one; the color or details don't matter - black or silver and that's fine with me. Also a book called The  Ultimate Missionary Companion. And finally, if you could find something that would help me study Spanish it would help if it wasn't that big.  I'm not looking for a huge book or textbook but I'm not sure, perhaps something on the smaller side that could help. I know its not very specific but if you found something that could be of help that wouldn't add to much to what I already have. If not don't worry about it. Thank you for everything! I miss and love you!


Elder McFarland

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