Monday, June 29, 2015

Jesus & Marie Get Baptized (P.S. - I'm Staying in Buenos Aires South - And Training)

June 29, 2015

So, I'm staying in Parque Baron! Elder Ventura got transferred to La Plata Este (East) and will be in the other mission (the new Buenos Aires East Mission) so that kind of sucks. And I'm going to be training! I am no longer a District Leader, just training. I'm pretty excited but also nervous to train. For my Spanish, I hope he's Latino haha. Also right after I found out I was going to be training, I had the feeling or impression that I was going to have a difficult time with him. Not sure if we won't get along, or if he`ll have a hard time adjusting and missing home or what, but I had the feeling that it`ll be hard but we`ll see what happens. I'm excited though because one of the reasons I enjoyed being District Leader was the opportunity to serve the other missionaries and help them. Especially two Elders that I wanted to help. Being the District Leader of those Elders gave me a grand desire to help them reach their potential as missionaries. So now I'm excited to be able to do that but perhaps more fully with my hijo (son - a term used for the one you are training). I'll have a chance to kind of set the stage for the rest of his mission.  I can help him from the start to be obedient and develop good habits. As I'm training him, I really want to be able to search and find the gifts and talents that he has and to help him recognize them so he can develop and use them to be the missionary God wants him to be.  I want to help him realize the potential he has as a missionary and put him on the path to achieve that and be the best missionary he can be. I know Elder Durham helped me a lot when he was training me so I hope I can be of help to the Elder I'm  going to be training. Today I'm with another Elder that is going to train.  He served in Parque Baron a couple months ago. Then tomorrow at 3:30 we have to be in the stake center and then from there we go to the mission home to receive our new companions.

Yes, all went well with Jesus, so Maria and him were baptized yesterday!!

It was raining almost all day but it was really great. Leandro, the friend of Jesus baptized both of them. Maria's Mom came to the baptism so we`ll see if we can start teaching her. But they are great and are going to be great members.

Yeah, officially Elder Pribyl is in Buenos Aires Sur (South) with me so I'm sure one day I`ll see him and maybe even the same zone or district! Pretty Nuts!

We haven't been able to work with the ward much.  We need to start visiting the leaders. We made a goal of perhaps having a FHE (Family Home Evening) with the members once a week, starting with the leaders and having them invite a non-member. Yesterday we did divisiones (splits)with the Bishop and Stake President, who lives in our ward and visited some less actives and it was good. We received a reference from the mission office so we`ll see what happens.

Thank you for everything. I love you lots!!

Elder McFarland

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