Monday, September 29, 2014

New Investigators and I Gave A Talk In Sacrament Meeting.

September 29, 2014 This week was pretty good! We have quite a few new investigators. We met with our neighbor, Blaz, and his wife Saturday morning and just kind of got to know them and their background and beliefs but didn't really teach them much yet, but yesterday he came to church again and his wife is going to come next week! Last week we met a couple, Gladys and Jorge, from Bolivia, that have a fruit stand. They were taught a couple times by missionaries in Bolivia. I think her sister actually got married in the temple. We taught Gladys this week and set a baptismal date for the 10th but she didn't come to church so the baptismal date will have to get moved back at least a week, but we´re pretty excited! Also, last week while we were going to Manuel and Claudia's we actually ran into Mercidades and he was working outside at a ladies house. We talked to him and met the lady he was working for and set up an appointment to talk to the woman, Arminda. So, Thursday we taught Arminda and I´ve never heard someone talk so much in my life haha. We could barely get a word in, but she is super awesome. She read from the Book of Mormon, came to church, and went to a Relief Society activity on Saturday, so next time we teach her we´re going to set a baptismal date with her! So, we have 5 new investigators! Mierta and Nancy's daughter came to church too so that was really encouraging! Still not sure what's up with Manuel and Claudia and their marriage. Yesterday I gave a talk in sacrament meeting about the work of salvation and I kind of dropped the hammer on the ward haha. I asked how many came to the capilla abierta and then those that did how many brought a friend. I asked how many did their home teaching or visiting teaching. I wasn't too harsh and it was out of love. Honestly, this ward is awesome. It's really a great ward but I was a little blunt with them because I know we have the potential to be so much better and do so much more. This ward could easily have 150 people there every week. I said the number isn't important, but to say we have more people in our church is important because each number signifies a child of God. It signifies more people coming unto Christ and participating in the atonement, and it signifies we are participating in the work of salvation. Hopefully Elder Durham and I can lead by example and really get the work moving in this ward. Tomorrow we have interviews with President Thurgood so I'm kind of nervous for that haha. I love you guys and I miss you. Love Elder McFarland

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