Monday, September 1, 2014

Birthday Party for Elder Durham & A Bowling Zone Activity (with pictures)

Hola! I can´t believe its p-day again! These last two weeks have been picking up and I think after a couple more weeks, time is just going to start flying by. Last Monday we had a Zone activity and went bowling,  so that was a lot of fun.
Elders Southwick, Ramos Durham & McFarland.

Zone Activity on August 25, 2014 - Bowling
This week was good but hopefully this next week is even better. Last Thursday I got sick and lets just say the double dragon is real... I think I ate something bad but luckily after my experience with the double dragon I felt better haha but we still spent the day in the apartment.

Saturday we were supposed to go on splits with four members from the ward but none of them showed up.. so we had 8 lessons that fell through.

We were still excited for Sunday though because we invited a lot of people to church and we had a bunch of less actives and investigators that said they´d come. But we get to church and there was 1 of our less actives and that was it. Before church, Elder Durham & I made a bet on the sacrament meeting attendance and I said 101 and Elder Durham said 95. We were super disappointed because it looked like there was like 70 people there at most. We were like, what the heck happened. Our strong investigator family didn´t even show up. It was super discouraging and we got kind of down.

We had lunch at the Berrondos (Mom, the lady and her family that added you on Facebook) and then we tried stopping by our strong investigator's home and they weren't there. Then we went back to the apartment for language study and 12 Weeks training. Elder Durham went to go lay down and I went to go do laundry (in the apartment).  I go out to the balcony and someone started whistling at me and I looked down and it was the same investigator family as last week walking by again!! We went down and talked to them and they've been looking for a new place to live since they´re supposed to be out of the place they´re renting today so they were making a last minute effort to find a place so that's why they weren't at church or at home when we went by. Then we go back up and we call to find out what the sacrament meeting attendance was and somehow it was 94!! There's literally no way it was that many. There's no way there was more than 80 people there but somehow it was 94 which was the highest it's been since I´ve been here. We just felt so blessed and it gave us a little boost knowing there was still a lot of people at church. Just think if we had everyone that was supposed to be there we would have had like at least 120 people, if not more. So between seeing our strong investigator family and then hearing what the sacrament meeting attendance was, we started feeling a lot better. The tender mercies of the Lord are real. We didn´t have a bad week but we just didn´t have as much success as we´d thought.  We worked hard and I know that seeing our investigator family walking by and the attendance was a tender mercy from Heavenly Father. I feel like He was saying that He was pleased with what we did.

We met with one of the 8 year old boys and right now we have a baptismal date for him set for September 13 and the other boy we are supposed to meet with later tonight!

We committed ourselves to work even harder this week and we´re going to start talking to literally everyone we can. We need new investigators and we haven't been talking to as many as we can so this week we´re really going to focus on that. So we´re pretty pumped for this week. I really think we´re going to  see some miracles and have a lot of success.

(His response to questions we've asked)  I´m doing good. I dont think I´ve really put any weight on yet but I'm pretty sure I´m going to put on some weight during the next two years haha.  Lunch is the main meal. Breakfast is just usually some fruit or something but we´re going to start trying to have more of a real breakfast and then the same with dinner. We sometimes get fed for dinner if we are at an appointment but most of the time it's just eating whatever is at the apartment which isn't much haha.  I got a Lighting McQueen pillow! haha. It still takes me a little while to fall asleep but it's all good.  I´m not certain exactly what's allowed for music but it sounds like it's pretty relaxed. You can even have Disney but  I don't know exactly what isn't and is allowed but there might not be a definite line.  The only thing I´ve had to spend my own money on is an Argentina jersey I bought.   I had $100 in cash that I got exchanged with a member who gives us 10 pesos for evey dollar so it was pretty sweet. Kayci emailed me saying she got called to Buenos Aires South -.- I knew not to believe her, but I fell for it haha but then she told me she got called to Chile Santiago East!

A couple weeks ago (August 15th) we had a birthay party for Elder Durham at the Berrondos. We got into a food fight while cooking.  They are a  super awesome family. We have lunch there every Sunday.

Hermano & Hermana Berrondo .  He has a wig on.  That's not his actual hair, haha.

Food fight!

Elders McFarland & Durham with the Berrondo kids.

 Happy 22nd Birthday Elder Durham.

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