Monday, September 15, 2014

Sick Again

Monday, September 15, 2014


Let's see this week was kind of rough again. It's kind of funny that you talked about missionaries getting sick a lot and to stay healthy because Elder Durham and I got sick again this week. Since like Friday we've been sick. It came out of no where, well not really since everyone around us has been sick so I think we just caught it, but Thursday night we both started feeling not that great and then Friday we woke up with sore throats and a headache. Elder Durham had a fever and we were just super weak so the past couple days we haven't really been able to work.

Earlier in the week though we met with Valentine and Daniel. We finished our lessons with Valentine and tonight we`re going to meet with him to go over the interview with the Bishop so he knows what to expect. His family actually wants to do it on Sunday so I think we're going to do it after church. We have two more lessons with Daniel and then he`ll get interviewed by our District Leader and then I believe he's still going to be baptized Saturday but it might change to Sunday and do both together. I think Valentine will be a ward baptism since his mother is a member and she's been present at almost every lesson. They have a super awesome family. I think Daniel will be a mission baptism because his mother isn't a member and I don't think she's interested but she's supportive of him. He has two older brothers that were baptized and all three go to church together. 

We met with Mierta, Sergio and Nancy twice this week and Mierta said she wasn't ready for baptism which is a little frustrating because she is! She believes in the Book of Mormon as the word of God that Joseph Smith was a prophet and in Jesus Christ but I think she's just a little nervous and afraid and she's really busy at work and she said she wants to wait until it calms down. I think we`re going to try to keep working on her and encourage her to get baptized this transfer because she's ready. Sergio and Nancy didn't come to church again. Not quite sure what to do with Sergio and Nancy. 

Mercidades is just hard to catch and so we haven't met with him in a couple of weeks but we`ll continue to pass by every once in a while. Carolina and Nestor were two other contacts but it's the same with them. They`re just never home and they are hard to contact. 

Good news with Manuel and Claudia. I have no idea how the marriage papers and all
that works down here but apparently Claudia is going today to take out paperwork or do something and after that it should be a few weeks from this next Friday that they can get married. So if all goes well they should be able to be baptized the Saturday before transfers.  Elder Durham will almost for sure leave then so we`re really hoping it works out.

I`m excited for this week though. This Saturday we are having a capilla abierta, so like an open house, at the chapel and we`re trying to get all the members to invite a friend. Then tomorrow we are having a tormento blanco,I think it's called, but the other two companionships from our District are coming to our area and we`re just going to tear it up and invite people like crazy to it. Then we have ward conference this next Sunday, and our goal is 150 people so we`re going to be working like crazy this week and hopefully going on splits a couple times to visit more people, So we have a lot of work ahead of us. Elder Durham and I have a goal of 6 baptisms this transfer and with Daniel, Valentine, Manuel and Claudia we pretty much have 4 for sure and then hopefully Mierta and then the 6th we aren't sure yet but we know the Lord will provide if we our faithful and work hard to
meet our goal and we were thinking like how awesome is our goal. Our goal is to bring others to Christ. It isn't to score 30 points in a game or get a 4.0 or whatever. It's bringing people to Christ. It doesn't get much better than that. 

So I have some homework for you guys. I was studying in 1 Nephi 8, Lehi's vision of the tree of life, when I was sick and there are three groups of people that Lehi sees. The first group commences on the path but then falls away and never grabs a hold of the iron rod. The second group grabs a hold of the iron rod and holds on and partakes of the fruit but then becomes ashamed because of the people in the great and spacious building and falls away. The third group partakes of the fruit and don't heed to the people and don't fall away. While I was studying I wondered what the difference between the second and third group was because both held on to the iron rod and partook of the fruit but why did the second group fall away? Yes, they became ashamed but why? Why did they heed to the temptation and scoffing when the third group that also held onto the iron rod didn't. It was something I never considered and maybe you already know but it's something I learned this week and I want to know what you guys think or maybe you have a different answer or perspective and then next week I`ll share what I learned. 

Thank you for the pictures they were nice. The stadium looks awesome!. I thought about 9/11 for sure this week. Thanks Mom for putting those pictures on my Facebook! Any news on the Sharks? Thanks for everything! I hope you guys are doing well. I miss you and love you!

Elder McFarland

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