Monday, September 8, 2014

1 Down, 15 To Go (Transfers)

Monday, September 8, 2014

This week was pretty crazy!  Tuesday we did intercambios (exchanges) again, but this time Elder Ramos (the District Leader) came to my area. However, he got sick so we stayed inside all of Tuesday.  Wednesday morning we went out before we switched back.  Friday we went to Adrogue (the Mission Office is in Adrogue) for my tramite (process - part of his training) so that took up half the day and then this week we had Stake Conference. President Thurgood spoke and Elder Resek, of the Seventy, spoke as well. It was pretty cool.  We got a bus for our Ward to take everyone to the Stake Center in Avellaneda. 

This week we taught the two 8 year old boys a couple times. The baptismal date is actually set for the 20th not the 13th. It's been super fun teaching them.  They’re different but both a lot of fun, and we've been playing little games and things with them to teach the lessons. Manuel and Claudia haven’t found a place to live but they haven’t had to leave yet apparently and they came to Stake Conference.  Sergio and Nancy and Mierta didn’t come, but Mierta I think will be baptized on the 27th but we´re going to  call her today because she said she was going to pray about it again.  Last week because of the intercambios (exchanges) and tramite (training) and Stake Conference we didn't talk to as many people as we wanted so we´re going to do our best again this week to do that, and to try to find new investigators.  Transfers were today and Elder Southwick and one other Elder in my District got transferred.  Crazy, 1 of 16 transfers in the field is over. Elder Durham and I set goals for this transfer and I´m really excited. It's going to be a good transfer, I know it.

Answering Questions:
We occasionally have correlation meeting.  Yeah, I only wash garments.  Most of the time we have sisters in the ward that wash everything else. I hang the clothes on the balcony haha. Regarding training, there’s just a 12 semanas (week) packet that we do with things to study and videos to watch.  Its nothing super official like we have to report on, but we´re halfway through that.  Siestas aren’t too big here so it doesn't really affect our work.

I´ll talk to you next week, expect to hear good things because this week is going to be our best! I love you guys and miss you.

Elder McFarland

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