Monday, November 24, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

Monday, November 24, 2014

Haha. Woahh that's weird about all the changes in the stake. Crazy that Bishop Sinkovic got released and then called again in the Lawrence Station Ward and Bishop Gelhbach!?! That's awesome!! haha It`ll be weird to call him Bishop though. How`s Mitchell doing?! Tell him I say hello!

So luckily there's a member that's in charge of finding new apartments for the mission so he pretty much did it for us and this last week we went to one he picked out. It's way bigger and nicer than the one we have now.  The Elders from the office have to check it out tomorrow to approve it and then it should be a done deal. Not sure when we`ll move it but I'm expecting to be transferred so I`ll probably only be in the new apartment for a couple days at most. We had interviews with President Thurgood last week.  It was good and he hinted that I'd probably be transferred. He said it's hard right now because its about 60% North Americans and 40% Latinos so it's hard sometimes to get the American/Latin split but he said he wouldn't be surprised if it happened soon.  Also the zone leaders gave the recommendation that I leave and get a Latin companion so I think I'll leave but I wont find out for sure until Friday or Saturday.

Work is slowing down a little bit here. We have quite a few investigators but none for the moment making immediate progress for various reasons. Nancy and Mierta came to church again but Manuel and Claudia didn't. We`ve been trying to visit them but he works and she was gone this week a lot at the hospital for her pregnancy and baby. Blaz is as we call it here a "miembro seco". He does everything and is pretty much a member but not baptized. He comes every week and participates but for a few reason can't be baptized right now. We weren't able to meet with Ruben this week again which really sucks. Also the ward temple trip got canceled this week so that was a bummer. We`re having a special zone conference in December and it looks like a couple zones will be grouped together so the whole mission won't get together. Right now my zone is scheduled for the 18th of December.

That's scary to hear about Scott though I'm glad he`s alright and it wasn't worse. (Scott was re-lighting the pilot light on his heater and it blew up in his face and his hair and beard caught on fire, but fortunately escaped with minimal injuries.) That's great that you guys are going up to Utah to see them! haha Yeah I would have remembered Mom. (I asked him if he would have remembered Thanksgiving if I hadn't mentioned it.) We were going to try and get someone to feed us dinner but for now we have an appointment with a potential investigator. Yeah we get a copy (General Conference issue of the Church Ensign magazine ) in Spanish. Dogs aren't a problem.  Some bark and will kind of come at you but worst case you pretend to pick up a rock and they run away. So I'm sorry Mom but I don't expect I'll use the dog dazer haha.

Tell everyone I say hello and love them! Love you and miss you lots! Happy Thanksgiving!!

Elder McFarland

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