Monday, November 17, 2014

Visit from Elder Nelson

Monday, November 17, 2014

So yes we got to hear from Elder Nelson on Thursday! Elder Zaballos of the Seventy was his companion and both their wives were there too. It was just our mission and the 85 missionaries from the Buenos Aires CCM (Mission Training Center). We had the privilege of meeting Elder Nelson and I was so nervous haha. I shook his hand and he called me by name and asked how it was going! But I was too nervous and I think I just mumbled something in response haha. It was such an honor and privilege to here him speak though. He gave a good talk and told us that the bishop, ward mission leader, and family history leader need to be our best friends. His wife gave a great talk about having the eyes of our understanding opened and learning new things in the scriptures and learning more of our assignments and commitments we made in the pre-mortal life. Definitely an experience I will remember for the rest of my life. I'm pretty sure a future apostle is in my mission right now because at the end Elder Nelson said that when he looks at us he sees the future leaders and maybe one day one of us will sit in his seat. So I'm calling it. It was super neat though.  He ended up talking in English so he had an interpreter but Elder Zaballos and his wife spoke in Spanish but I was able to understand enough to get the general idea of what they were saying haha. Pretty cool though, one of the interpreters served a mission in France but his mission president assigned him to learn English and promised him if he did then one day he`d use it to communicate with leaders of the church. Prophecy fulfilled. 

Today we had our zone activity for p-day so we played soccer and watched the Puss and Boots movie.

This past week was kind of slow. To be honest I feel like we`ve gotten a little lazy and just haven't been working as hard as we can or as hard as we have been. Transfers are in two weeks and I love Elder Killian and Quilmes 3 but I`m kind of ready for a change so I kind of hope I get transferred but we`ll see what happens. I'd be okay with either I suppose. Also the contract for our pension isn't getting renewed so as of right now we will be homeless by the end of the month. We need to find a place to live haha which sucks because now we will have to spend time we could be working to take time looking for an apartment and moving everything.

Sergio and Nancy came to church yesterday though! Ruben didn't come and he worked last week so we couldn't meet with him but for now I'm not too worried about him. There are gospel principles that we still need to teach him, but Blaz is a boss and keeps coming to church. We found a new family from a reference that could have some potential and we`ll find out more this week when we visit them again. The ward mission leader has a goal of 4 baptisms before the end of the year so we`re going to work hard and try to make that happen. 

Interesting and to be honest disappointing to hear about the ward boundary changes. (Merrill & I are no longer in the Santa Clara Ward where we have been for the last 29 years.) I don't like it but good thing I'll  never really have to be in the Lawrence Station Ward haha. 

I did get the birthday letters and envelopes you sent. (Finally!  Remember, we can't send packages.) THANK YOU!!! Thank you so much. Thanks for the pictures! It's so nice to have pictures of the family haha and thank you for the general conference and priesthood session talks and for the cards and letters! I loved both cards haha. The cartoons and the plan of salvation card were really good. I finally have the names of the people who sent me letters from a couple months ago haha. A while back Patricia Wilker and the Nelsons sent me a card, and then a card from Dawn Clark came but it was three separate cards signed by a bunch of people so I think it was from the Relief Society.  This time Brother Cate sent me 2 postcards and Janis Vogel, the Tkach family and Patricia Wilker sent me cards so if you could thank all of them for me and tell them I greatly appreciate it!!!

I'm sorry if I missed anything. I love you and miss you guys a lot! Thanks again for the birthday cards and everything.  It really helped a lot. Love you!

Elder McFarland

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