Monday, December 1, 2014

Elder McFarland Was Robbed!!!

Monday, December 1, 2014

So I`m not getting transferred! I`m staying in Quilmes 3 with Elder Killian for 6 more weeks. Weird to think I'll be in my first area for 1/4th of my mission by the time I leave. They call us the Friday or Saturday before transfers and give us all the information; where we are going, if we are leaving and who are companion is. So, they have our new apartment but I think we`ll be staying in our current one for 2-3 more weeks until the paperwork gets finalized. Starting to learn that getting things done in Argentina is a very slow and inefficient process. No one in our district got changed either which I think is kind of rare for a district to stay the same for two transfers but it's pretty cool.

Sergio, Nancy and the kids are saying with Sergio's mom, so as of right now it's just Mirta in her house. Not really sure what's going to happen. Not sure if we`ll see Nancy anymore but it`ll be interesting. Very sad though. Nancy and Mirta and even Sergio a couple times, started coming back to church and I thought we`d see progress but I'm not sure now.

We heard a trick to get people to quick smoking from a member that did it on his mission so we tried it.  You soak the cigarettes in milk for a day and then wait until they dry and have them smoke it. Apparently after the first 2 they can't smoke any more because it just makes them sick and they want to throw up.  You can make it worse by having them drink the milk. So we made the cigarettes.

Manuel and Claudia haven't come to church in about a month and while I was on an intercambio they told Elder Killian they aren't going to come to church until they have all the papers to get married and then baptized and right now it seems to be a money issue.

We have two new investigators, Oswaldo and Ludi, that were a reference from a member.  We had an appointment with them on Thanksgiving night but we just ended up moving a huge pile of dirt that they had to move, but we have another appointment tomorrow. They have to get married first but I have faith they´ll get baptized.

For Thanksgiving, since we didn't have dinner, so we treated ourselves and went to a little BBQ place and bought some lunch so that was good haha.

I'm glad you guys got to go to Utah. It sounds like Thanksgiving was a lot of  fun!! Crazy that the wedding is less than a month away! It's hard being away right now during the holidays but I know I`ll get to be there in two years and for now I get to serve my brothers and sisters in Argentina!

It's also really cool right now. The church just recently launched an intitiative for Christmas ´´He is the Gift´´ or ´´El es la Dadiva´´ in Spanish There's a YouTube video and on December 7 for the whole day it will be the first video that shows up on YouTube!!  I think there's a sign in Times Square too. There's a whole website It looks really cool. They`re asking us to ask at least ten people a day if they`ve seen the video and report how many contacts and baptisms we receive because of it. So if you haven't already, check it out and share it on Facebook and with your friends!

That was my week. Today we just hung out in the apartment. It was pretty boring haha. We`re going to go try to stop by Rubens tonight because we haven't been able to meet with him in some time.  Thank you for everything! I miss and love you guys!!

 P.S. Elder Killian and I got robbed Thursday :)

Elder McFarland

From Mom - When Elder McFarland's older brother Scott was on his mission he would send us an email and occasionally add a P.S.  P.S. - I had a gun pulled on me.  P.S. - I got bit by a dog.  P.S. - I crashed on my bike.  So, Elder McFarland thought he would be funny and follow in his brother's footsteps.  So Merrill & I immediately replied to the email wanting more information.

Hahah. Yeah that's why I said that. After it happened, I knew I had to write it like Scott haha.

Only our cellphone, which actually really sucks, 7 pesos which is nothing, and my addidas shorts. So it wasn't too bad at all.  The dude didn't even have anything either. Sucks about my shorts but it's not a big deal at all.  I'm just glad he didn't take my whole bag.

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