Monday, December 29, 2014

Happy New Years!

Monday, December 29, 2014

HAPPY 31st ANNIVERSAY MOM AND DAD!!! Yes of course I remembered, even without your reminders haha, Wow, 31 years thats a long time haha. I hope you guys have some time today to enjoy it and celebrate it and if not than perhaps after all the chaos because you guys deserve it. Thank you for being great parents and I`m grateful for the example your marriage has given me. So Happy Anniversary! I wish I could give you guys a gift!

Yes, Skyping was awesome and yeah it was definitely harder than I thought it`d be saying goodbye. But it was really great seeing everyone's faces and hearing your voices. It makes it a lot more real and hard being away but I know the time will past and you`ll be there when i get done. So for now I have to keep working hard. To be honest I was worried how the first couple days after Skyping would be and while the first couple hours were hard, the first couple days after weren't so bad. Of course it was still hard and I missed you guys but luckily we got right back to work and had some good lessons. Not to mention it is difficult being gone for Scotts wedding. Really hard actually. It's hard to miss such a special occasion but I know we will all be blessed for it. and I`ll have the rest of my life to be with you guys and to hang out. It also helps to remind myself that even though I'm missing out on Scott's wedding, I'm here doing work so that others might have that same opportunity - to go to the temple and be sealed as a family.

We are working with two less active families right now and one of them came to church yesterday. It helped me get refocused and back on track. It's kind of hard though because these couple of weeks with the holidays, we can't do as much work so it`ll be nice, to be honest, once it's over with and I can get lost in the work again.

Also Happy New Years!! You`ll have to let me know what you guys did and how everything went with the wedding and the receptions and New Years. I'm not sure exactly what we`re doing yet. We might go to one of the Elders apartments again or we might just stay in our apartment for the night. On Thursday (New Years Day), once we can leave the apartment we are going to the Berrondos for pancakes and going to play a game of basketball so that should be fun.

Yeah not much to tell you since we just talked haha. We haven't been able to contact that lady again since the first visit so we`ll see what happens.

We found a new investigator - the niece of one of the members and I think she`s ready and prepared to be baptized.  We have an appointment with her this week.

I miss you and love you lots! Tell everyone hello and congratulations to Scott and Erika!! Tell me all about this week in your email! 


Elder McFarland

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