Monday, October 27, 2014

Happy Birthday (November 2)

Monday, October 27, 2014


Thank you for the birthday wishes! GIANTSS!! (This is before the World Series win.)

I knew you wouldnt let down mom. You definitely should be working for the CIA. (I found his new companion's mom and sister on Facebook.)  That's really cool that you and his mom have a few things in common. (We both are converts and joined the Church fairly soon after graduating from high school and Elders McFarland and Killian are both the youngest boys in the family.) Elder Killian is a cool dude.

We had a lot of work this week. We found a new family Tuesday and taught them lesson 2 and tonight we are going to teach lesson 1 so we`ll see what happens! We`re excited. We also taught a lady that Elder Durham and I had talked to a few times on the street but never got a chance to actually teach her. She has a baptismal date for the 16th but she`s going to have to make some changes in her life first. Blaz came to church, only for one hour but at least he came. He was sick earlier in the week though so we weren't able to teach him. Nancy and Sergio didn't come but Mierta did! Also Arminda unfortunately wasn't able to get baptized this week. There were some concerns and then Bishop never got a chance to talk to her and get to know her so he wanted to postpone it. It was kind of a weird situation but Bishop talked to her yesterday and we feel like she's ready so I`m almost sure she should get baptized this weekend! It`d be kind of  cool if it was Sunday on my birthday! (Make sure to read the blog post for November 3rd.) 

Tuesday, Elder Killian said that was the most lessons he`s had in a day in months.  Then at the end of the week he said it's been his best week on his mission in terms of the work so that made me feel really good. I`m obviously new and have only had one other companion and I've been in the same area so I have nothing else to base my work off of but after hearing that I felt a lot better about the work Elder Durham and I did the last two transfers. We didn't meet our goals but we worked hard and left a lot of work for Elder Killian and I to continue.  Elder Killian is awesome and is loving the area and the members and the members love him so I think it's going to be a really good transfer with a lot of work.

Elders McFarland and Durham with
Hermano Rivero, the Elders Quorum President and
Jose Luis, the Ward Mission Leader

Thanks again for the birthday wishes! We`re going over to the Berrondos for lunch and then I'm not sure what we`ll do after that but I`ll let you know how it is! I miss you and love you guys!

Elder McFarland

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