Monday, October 20, 2014

A New Companion - Elder Killian

Monday, October 20, 2014


So yes today was transfers and as we expected Elder Durham left and he´s now in Burzaco, in the Adrogue zone, which is where we did tramites and it's super nice there. But unlike I thought, my new companion is another American! haha. His name is Elder Killian, and he's from Las Vegas.  He has been in the mission for 18 months! Sorry Mom, we don't have any pictures together yet, but I´ll make sure to send one next week! Although knowing you, you´ll know everything about him by then haha. (Yes I accept the challenge.)  To be honest, I'm a little bummed because it was going to be hard having a Latin companion, but it would have helped my Spanish a lot. So, my Spanish won't progress as fast as it would have, but at the same time I suppose it´ll be nice having another American companion and so far he seems really cool. It really suprised me though.  I don't know how often, if ever really, a North American goes his first three transfers in the field without a Latin companion. Most of the missionaries, or at least the ones getting transferred, met at the Stake Center in Banfield for the transfer meeting.  It was pretty good, but to be honest, it made me a little trunkie (homesick) haha. It's definitely going to be weird the first couple of days with a new companion after being with Elder Durham for almost 3 months. Thank Elder Durham's Mom for me, for raising such a great son because he was an awesome trainer and friend to me and she should be proud of him and the missionary he is! (Elder Durham's Mom & I are Facebook friends). We probably could have done more but, I feel like we did a lot and worked hard the past two transfers. Now me and Elder Killian should have a lot of work to continue.

Jorge and Gladys read the Book of Mormon but still don't come to church. Nothing has changed with Manuel and Claudia, but Sunday was El Dia de Madre (Mother's Day) here so we had lunch with them which was actually a lot of fun. Feliz Dia de Madre Mom! Arminda was set to get baptized but we talked to the Bishop and because it was El Dia de Madre he thought it´d be better to do it this next Sunday so more people can come. So it sucks for Elder Durham but he might come back for it.

So, this Saturday, Arminda will be getting baptized.

Nancy, Sergio and Mierta came to church yesterday!!!
Also in the picture is Gimena, who is a member of the Ward.

We dropped the hammer pretty hard on Saturday but with love and I don't know if it was that or because it was Elder Durham's last Sunday or both but they finally came! The first time they´ve come (besides Mierta) since I´ve arrived, so that was encouraging and made us pretty happy but now we need to help make sure they keep coming! We weren't able to meet with Blaz this week and he didn't come to church but we´re going to visit him tomorrow so hopefully he will keep progressing. So Elder Killian and I have a lot to do with our current investigators and visiting the less actives!

That's great that Kiersten (Elder McFarland's sister) was able to come home (from Idaho) for a couple days and go with you to Erika's bridal shower.  Weird to think you guys are planning for Scott (Elder McFarland's oldest brother) & Erika's wedding and reception! I'm getting more sad thinking that I'll miss it, but it's okay.  I'm just excited for them!
GIANTS (going to the World Series)!! That's so sick!!
I love and miss you guys!!


Elder McFarland
Julia & Goyo who have been baptized for about a year now with
Hermano LaRosa who is a relatively new convert as well.

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