Monday, May 2, 2016

A Good Week - Prayers Are Answered

Hola Hola!

So great news, two of our investigators came to church! Danny, whose 15 year old son is a member, came to church with us. Also, we stopped by another investigator, Gisela, before church and ended up waking her up and she told us she’d come. After the first hour, she showed up with her little daughter! She got there just in time for gospel principles and luckily here the sacrament meeting is last. They both have baptism dates for May 28. I’m hopeful and praying to see their baptisms before I go. Thanks for your prayers for them. They are both progressing. Danny is super excited for his baptism, yesterday he wanted to get up and share his testimony and invite everyone to his baptism ha-ha. He’s a great guy, has a rough past but is making big changes in his life. He’s aware and at times sad that it`ll mean leaving behind old ¨friends¨ and even some family members, but he’s really motivated. He’s been meeting with the missionaries off and on for 3 years, since his son got baptized and now it’s looking like he’s really ready to be baptized. We`ll eat lunch with him Sunday when I Skype you guys I think.

Gisela was a contact Elder Bravo and I had in early March but it wasn’t until I went to El Jaguel that Elder Bravo and the other two Elders started teaching her. She’s great. It’s a little hard for her to remember and understand everything but she’s really receptive.

The FHE (Family Home Evening) with Graciela and her family went well. In the end, we didn’t have as much time to share with her and take advantage of the Spirit that the restoration video brings because we started late and they had dinner prepared but it went well. Tonight we have another FHE with them and we`re going to try to do an object lesson about repentance and baptism. Maybe I can tell you guys about it on Sunday. She and her son are really the ones listening to us, but she hasn’t come to church. If there’s a chance of her getting baptized before I leave she`ll have to attend the next three Sundays. It would be great and I’m hopeful but the important thing is that she decides to get baptized. Her and her family are really great though. Yesterday her son was sick and called us to see if we could give him a blessing. Our lunch fell through so we went and gave him a blessing and they gave us lunch.

So far we haven’t had much luck with the Martinez family. We taught only Maria this week because Jorge was ¨resting¨. Yesterday the kids had a performance. They are ballet dancers, so they didn’t go to church and then our lesson with them at night fell through. But we are still hopeful.

The meeting with the Stake President and President Thurgood was great. The Stake President is great and is really excited, probably because he was called when I was in 9 de Abril the first time so he has lots of energy and desires to hasten the work in Monte Grande.

The leadership meeting was awesome. The heating in the stake center in Banfield wasn’t working so we walked like two blocks to the mission home and had our meeting there. It was really motivating. Right now, we are reporting 5 key indicators: baptisms/confirmations, lessons with members present, number of investigators that attended sacrament meeting, baptismal dates that we set for that week, and new investigators. The key indicators are lowering a little bit but baptisms are increasing a little. I’ll attach a document President Thurgood sent us about the key indicators for the last 5 weeks.

Well I guess anything else I’ll tell you Sunday and whatever questions you have I can answer then. Oh, I almost forgot other good news.  My Argentine ID card came so I’m legal in Argentina for 2 years!! Until April 2018 Wahoo!!! Hermana Mitchell came me Wednesday when it came and I was like NO WAYYY!! ha-ha. I was super excited. It`ll be a nice souvenir to have in the future and also a lot easier if I return in these next two years.

I hope you guys have a great week and see you Sunday in skype!!

Elder McFarland

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