Monday, April 25, 2016

Pray that they will be blessed with a desire to come to church.

Hola Hola! Thanks for the emails and the photos! It’s great to hear you guys all got to spend the weekend together for Dad’s birthday and have some family time! Also some nice news to hear the Sharks won.

So this week was great! We found a few new investigators. One was a lady, Maria, who we contacted when I was on exchanges with Elder Teichert (Elder Funk is his trainer). By the way, Elder Funk and Elder Teichert are tearing it up in their area in Ezeiza so you can tell Elder Funk’s uncle (the San Jose Mission President Mella) when you see him ha-ha. We contacted this lady and her two kids and then two days later Elder Bravo and I passed by their house and they let us in. We met her husband, well they aren’t married yet, but we met him and the rest of their kids. They have 4 little kids, a 9 year old, being the oldest. They are both from Paraguay and Maria has a sister in Paraguay that’s a member of the church so she’s heard of the church and she remembers her sister commentating on how much the church stresses the family. Last night we stopped by, but only talked with her since Jorge, her spouse, had been drinking a little and so he didn’t want to join us, but they are a super awesome family. The 9 year old kid, Jose, told us to wait for him to say the opening prayer during the first lesson and then last night we taught him how to pray. They didn’t come to church but I’m pretty sure they’ll come this next week. They accepted a baptismal date for May 28, but they’ll have to get married first. We are excited for them.

We are also seeing some slow but steady progress in another investigator, Graciela and her son, Nahuel. We`ve been teaching them since I got here from the office and she’s a little stubborn but they are super awesome. She has a friend that just got baptized a few months ago by the other Elders in 9 de Abril and actually tonight we are going to have a family home evening with them in Graciela’s home. We are planning to watch the shorter restoration video since we just taught the restoration and then have a short testimony meeting. So we are pumped.

We also have a few other investigators we are working with, so things are picking up here. This week we have our meeting with the stake president and President Thurgood and we have our leadership meeting with all the zone leaders. Things are going great though. This morning Elder Bravo cut my hair and didn’t turn out too bad ha-ha. So if you are praying for me or my investigators this week, pray that they will be blessed with a desire to come to church. That’s a big challenge we are having right now. Yesterday before church, we passed by 4 investigators/families to accompany them to church but Maria and her family were leaving for Monte Grande and the other 3 didn’t answer. Some names of the investigators - the Martinez Family: Jorge, Maria, and Jose (and three other small children); Giselda and her son, Facundo; Graciela and her son, Nahuel; and also Dani. Those are the investigators we are mostly working with and that are showing potential as of right now. If you can keep them in your prayers. We are seeing miracles around us every day and I feel in the next couple weeks we`ll see lots more. Hope you guys have a great week!

Elder McFarland

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