Monday, April 18, 2016

Goal for the last 6 weeks: Ignore that it is my last tranfer, to forget about myself and just serve these people

Hola Hola!!

So I’ll finish my mission up in 9 de Abril!! It’s funny what I wrote last week because as the week went on, the more and more I was kind of hoping I would stay in El Jaguel. Not to take away from 9 de Abril and my love for the area and members there, just that we had a great week in El Jaguel and it was a lot harder to leave than I thought it’d be. Like I had told you guys, I was going to be happy either way but I started to prefer the idea of staying in El Jaguel. The night before I found out, I prayed and kind of just told my Heavenly Father what I was thinking and what I was kind of wanting. I told him straight up that if it was up to me I`d stay in El Jaguel, I felt like it would better for me and just better overall, but that I trusted in Him and it wasn’t what I wanted, rather what He wanted and that He sees and understands things I don’t see nor understand. So the next morning when I found out, a great peace came over me and I felt good about it. It also helps that I trust completely in President Thurgood, that he was called of God and that he will be obedient to the promptings he receives. I was just talking to my companion about how this transfer and other recent transfers there have been many surprising and unexpected changes in the mission. I told Elder Bravo that I love that about President Thurgood because seeing that and also from personal experience, I know that he does what he feels and knows to be correct, not necessarily what always makes sense or what appears would be ¨right¨.  I’m sure all mission presidents do, but I have so much trust in him and I realized the importance of sustaining our leaders.

We had a great week in El Jaguel. I had the most lessons with members while on my mission this last week. It was amazing and we had an investigator and her two kids in church with us on Sunday. Elder Wilson is from Utah, but I don’t remember which city. It was great being with him. He’s really humble and he’s a great guy and a great missionary.

It is very weird for me to think that I’m starting my last transfer. A quote shared by a missionary ending his mission in President Thurgood’s letter last week said ¨“Best solution to not feeling sad about finishing the mission: Just ignore that and help these people. Or, as Pres. Hinckley's father put it, forget yourself and go to work!” So that will be my goal for this transfer; to ignore that it is my last transfer, to forget about myself and just serve these people. If I serve the people and am lost in their service, it will be impossible for me to feel sad about finishing the mission because I will be filled with love for them and consumed by thoughts of how I can help them instead of thoughts of how sad it is to leave the mission behind. I will miss the mission the rest of my life, why start missing it now? Why start missing it all now when I continue to wake up every day and look forward to enjoying that day? If I really just strive to serve these people with all my heart, mind, and strength then I I will be consumed in my service and it will be impossible for me to feel sad about finishing the mission. That is my goal for the next six weeks.
I hope you guys have a great week!

Elder McFarland

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