Monday, May 9, 2016

A Short Email Following A Great Mother's Day Skype.

Hole! Hola!

So yeah, it was great Skyping! It’s always surprising how fast the time goes by. I really didn’t think I’d use that much time since I’ll see you guys soon but the 40 minutes flew by. Anyways, it’ll be great to talk afterwards about everything.

So I actually failed to mention that Mom was right asking about how the Spanish I learn at BYU is different than the Spanish they speak here. So about Spanish right, the verbs have conjugations. The formal singular conjugation is usted and that’s what we, as missionaries, always use. Usted is kind of a sign of respect and so in most Spanish speaking countries when you speak to someone older or maybe like a teacher, or someone of higher rank, or someone you don’t know, you would speak in usted. In most Spanish speaking countries the informal singular conjugation is tu so when speaking to family members or friends and all that you would speak in tu. Well in Argentina, instead of speaking in tu they speak in vos and vos has a different conjugations than tu in the present tense and in commands. Another difference is that Argentina Spanish doesn’t make the distinction between formal and informal, or in other words, everyone speaks in vos with everyone. It’s all in vos, so in that sense, the Spanish I speak right now won’t change because I speak in usted anyways. It’ll just be the change in accent like we talked about yesterday. Yes, the Argentine Spanish is different from many other Spanish speaking countries. I’ve heard that some other countries use vos too but I think Argentina is kind of known for it. Anyways, if I learned and become accustomed to speaking in vos after the mission, I’d have to learn to turn it off and on because the Spanish I’ll learn at BYU will use tu and not vos.

Anyways, this last week was great. I already told you guys about some of it. I also failed to mention we had interviews this week which was great. Also Elder Pribyl arranged it so I’ll have intercambios again with him my last week, ha-ha, so that should be cool.

Well sorry this was super, super short today but I hope you guys have a great week!

Elder McFarland

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