Sunday, March 6, 2016

Unfinished Business

Hola Hola!

So yes I’m getting transferred! President Thurgood called me Wednesday night telling me that he has felt various impressions that I should return to 9 de Abril (his last area before he went to the mission office in November) as Zone Leader! Crazy right!?! Without even thinking I responded ¨en serio?!¨ and he responded ¨en serio¨ ha-ha and then he told me that it appears that there’s some ¨unfinished business¨ for me to take care of in 9 de Abril. So yeah I’m going back to 9 de Abril to finish my mission! I’ll be companions with Elder Bravo who’s there right now. Elder Bravo is from Chile and only has about 8 months in the mission so he’s still pretty young. Last transfer was his first transfer as Zone Leader and while I don’t know him at all, I’ve heard good things about him so I’m pumped. I’m also super excited to see everyone there again since I didn’t get to say goodbye to literally any of the members or investigators.

I was excited when I found out but also just kind of in a daze trying to process it because of how unexpected it was. When President Thurgood told me a week or two ago that I was still getting transferred he said it would probably surprise me and that it did! It’s literally the last place I would have thought of. I’m excited though to go back to 9 de Abril because it’s a super awesome ward and area with lots of work to do. Apparently though I must not have done everything I was supposed to because there’s still work for me to do there.

The night when President Thurgood called me I had a hard time going to sleep because my mind was just racing; excited to go back as well as thinking about the ¨unfinished business¨. It’s definitely interesting. Everyone was super surprised when they found out. In my mission I’ve only heard of one other Elder returning to a previous area but he returned many months later. I’m only returning to 9 de Abril 3 months later, so definitely a little out of the ordinary. But I stand by what I said last week in me email - that these last few months of my mission have presented several experiences where I’ve learned to trust in the Lord and His wisdom and His plans. I have complete trust and faith that 9 de Abril is indeed where the Lord wants me to go. Now I have absolutely no idea what the reason for me going back is. I don’t know what it is the Lord wants me to do or to learn while I’m there again. I don’t know if going back is due to not being diligent in my service the first time. It might be, it might not be. I’ve tried not to think about that too much because often times I feel like Satan uses the past to distract and discourage us in the present. The fact is that if I really did not do something that I was supposed to the first time, then well the past is in the past and now I must take advantage of the second opportunity and do it. Or perhaps a new opportunity to serve in 9 de Abril will bring new opportunities to do what the Lord would have me do. Maybe my time in the offices was necessary to help me learn things and grow in ways to be a better instrument in the Lords hands and better prepared. I simply do not know. I am a little anxious and excited to see how the next few months play out and to come to see why I was sent back. But I do know that it is where I’m supposed to be. I’m absolutely ready to get back in the field though to work my last few months and just work until I drop dead. I’m also excited to be Zone Leader again. I loved being able to serve the other missionaries in my Zone and help them and the opportunities it gives to learn and grow as a missionary and leader.

I saw Elder Pribyl last night in his area. We were talking and we feel blessed because we’ve been able to see each other lots of times in our missions and we´ll see each other a few more times including the last day of my mission and we´ll almost for sure have an intercambio together.
Anyways I guess that´ll probably be it for today. Today there’s lots of work to do getting ready for tomorrow. Tonight I’ll have to pack my suitcases. Imagine I’ll be getting on tomorrow since Elder Bravo will have to write, so I’ll include some other things tomorrow in an email but I wanted to let you guys know of the changes. I miss and love you guys!

Elder McFarland

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