Monday, March 7, 2016

Goodbye Office, Hello 9 de Abril (Take 2)


So I’m currently in 9 de Abril sitting in a cyber, ha-ha. So Elder Bravo and I got back to our pension around 12 so we went to buy a few things to make lunch and he cooked while I started to unpack. After emailing we`ll go buy groceries for the week and then head back to the pension to finish unpacking and clean. Tonight sounds like we`ll pass by a contact they did yesterday and then at 7:30 p.m. we have a Family Home Evening (FHE) with the Lunas. Hermano Luna, if you remember, is the Ward Mission Leader whose wife passed away like two months before I got to 9 de Abril the first time, so I’m pumped to see them again. I’m also excited because things seem to be going well for the most part here. Junior and Brenda (if you don’t remember, Junior is a member and his wife, Brenda, got baptized when I was here with Elder Almeida) still seem to be going strong. Clara Sanchez, who we taught and got baptized and whose parents are members seems to be going to church still and her parents got sealed before they were inactive before. But apparently there’s a guy going around in the area of Monte Grande talking to missionaries and members and saying dumb things and asking them stupid questions like ¨Did you know Joseph Smith did such and such¨ and seems to be sharing anti-Mormon stuff. Well anyways, he’s made his way around and has talked to several of the missionaries in the zone and apparently talked to one of Elder Almeida’s converts here in 9 de Abril and just wrecked his faith. He was a recent convert who was going strong, got the priesthood, was sharing the gospel, and I think just before I left got a calling. But I guess this guy went over and talked to him and now the recent convert doesn’t want anything to do with the church. I don’t know who this guy is but if Elder Bravo and I come across him we`re going to go Alma and Amulek on him. Other than that, things seem to be rolling along well here.

So it’s a little weird being back, ha-ha. It’s weird because only though I’ve been back for a couple hours, it already feels kind of normal to be back and the offices, I feel like will very soon feel like a dream. Which makes me nervous for a couple months... it’s great though at the same time I feel like I can just jump right back in and get to work. I know the area pretty well still, I know the members, so now Elder Bravo and I can just get right to it. Elder Bravo seems like a really great guy and a great missionary, so I’m really excited.

And while I’m definitely happy to be back in the field working in 9 de Abril, I’m very grateful for the time I had in the offices. It was hard at first, and really the whole time - really just feeling a lot of the time it was more like a job than a mission. But it provided me with some great experiences and opportunities and I also learned lots. I also got to know the Mitchells and the Thurgoods a little bit better. I will miss that but I’m sure I’ll stay in contact with them. It`ll definitely be interesting to see what happens. We`ll see later on if my time in the offices has an impact on my career choice. But I feel that being in the offices and the change directly and indirectly helped me increase my faith and trust in the Lord. With the unexpected changes along with personal experiences in that time, I’ve come to trust my Heavenly Father a lot more. While I’ll be the first to admit my faith and trust is not perfect and I still have lots of room for improvement,  I’ve grown a lot in that aspect. I feel like I’ve learned much about putting the Lord first in all things and trusting in Him. Hopefully now that trust and faith will only grow. And hopefully now and after the mission it will help me to be able to better recognize and follow the promptings of the Spirit.

So yes I’m in the same pension as before, even the same bed, desk and closet, ha-ha. Elder Ward, who was in Ezeiza, is now doing the Visas and the poor guy, we`ll see how it goes but I didn’t get to train him and I’m not sure how much the Medinas will be able to help. I tried my best to leave some Power Points and some notes for him to go off of but I might have to return to the offices one day this week or soon to help him out and explain everything. That’s an interesting comment about reading my journal and seeing what I wrote and felt at that time and see the differences now. I hadn’t thought of that and will have to do that. Well I suppose that’s all for now. I hope you have a great week. Miss you!

Elder McFarland

Elder McFarland & Elder Ginatto
at the beginning of the last transfer at the end of January.

It was funny because we got along great and we joked around in the offices and the day before this we heard on the capital tour that in the cemetery there's a statue of a wife whose husband died and their marriage was a love hate relationship so she requested to have her back turned to her husband when she passed away.

Elder McFarland & Elder Tobler

Last week we were cooking and as the food was cooking we were in the office on the computer and Hermana Mitchell asked us for a photo, haha.

Androgue Zone Conference - February 2016

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