Monday, July 21, 2014

Week 5 - One Month and Travel Plans.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

It's crazy, I've been out a month! It's really amazing how time is speeding up. I can tell how time will fly by once I get in the field and adjusted to the mission. I was so sad when Argentina lost :( We were having a District conversation with our Branch President and we asked him if he could update us (yeah probably not the most appropriate thing to do) and he broke the news :( Luckily though we have another week before we get there so hopefully by then it calms down a bit. 

Not too much happened this week. The devotionals this last week were good, like always! They were about charity and taking upon you the name of Christ.
We committed Misael to live the law of chastity (he was sleeping with his girlfriend) and Daniela accepted our invitation to be baptized! We also taught Jose 4 more times this week for TRC. TRC has probably been one of my favorite parts of the MTC. I seriously love it and its a lot of fun. It's a lot more realistic than teaching our teachers. Even though we know he's a member, it just feels a lot more real. He asks really good questions and a couple times we've had to tell him we'll look for an answer and come back. Part of it is we're not 100% sure and the other part is we have no idea how to explain it in Spanish hahah. Not really much else to report. Spanish is coming along although I know I'm going to know absolutely nothing when I get out there haha. 

We got our travel plans yesterday!! We fly out of SLC Monday at 11:00 am to Atlanta GA. Then we have like a three hour layover and fly to Argentina at 9:08 pm and arrive in Buenos Aires Tuesday morning at 8:20! The Atlanta flight is flight 1912 and Buenos Aires is 101 just in case you wanted to know haha. There's going to be a ton of missionaries on the Atlanta flight and still quite a bit on the Buenos Aires one because all the Argentina missionaries are going to be on that flight. Elder Hair is in my travel group too so that's neat. I'm not sure how many of us are Buenos Aires South. I think there will be a couple more besides my district so I think 12.
 My journal writing is going pretty well. I've written pretty much everyday, but I've missed a few. 
Love you!

Elder McFarland

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