Monday, August 18, 2014

Hola - 2 Months Down, 22 To Go

Monday, August 18, 2014

I don´t have much time. We couldn't find computers anywhere so we had to go to the capilla (I think this means chapel) to email. 

This week was better.  The work in progressing. Our first investigator family is still doing great but I think they won't be married in time so we may have to push their baptismal date back. The second family - I don't know it’s tough with them. We had two more good lessons with them but then they didn't show up to church again. That's a month straight they haven't come. We stopped by their house today when we were trying to find a computer and we talked to the son and he said Sunday him and his dad were getting ready to leave to church but his mom said she didn't want to go so they all decided not to go. Super disappointing. To be honest we may have to be kind of blunt with them Tuesday. But on the positive note, the wife's mother is coming to the lessons again. I guess she used to come but then had to work a bunch but now her schedule changed so she's been able to come the last week. And it’s amazing even though she hasn't come the past month she's still been progressing and has a strong testimony so hopefully that helps her daughter.

We have a couple new investigators. My companion and his previous companion met the man on the street and we stopped by his house this week and taught him the restoration lesson. He wants to get baptized but he wants to go back to Paraguay to live with his family but his girlfriend wants to stay in Argentina, so they´re going to talk and reach an agreement before they get married. We were supposed to teach him Saturday but he wasn't there. I´m excited though he's a super awesome dude and has a strong belief. 

Also we have nephew and his aunt. The nephew was a contact and we stopped by his house the other day and he wasn't there but his aunt was and we taught her the first lesson as well. Oh man the Spirit was so strong it was probably the highlight of the week. It was so sick. She just took it all in and has a strong testimony. We were going to teach her Saturday again as well and invite her to be baptized but she wasn't there either :) but three new investigators that I think we´re going to be able to teach and have success with! 

I´m out of time. I´m sorry this was so short. I´ll write more next week. It was a good week and my Spanish is coming along. I'm able to participate more in the lessons and it feels good. Love you. Congrats to Scott and Erika (who got engaged last week)!! Also tell Scott and Kiersten happy birthday!! I don't have time to email them. We have to return to the pension. I'll email them next week. (Elder McFarland sent this about 9:00 p.m. his time, which is very late for the missionaries, so we were lucky to get a letter.)

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